July 12th

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I wanted to make this post before the weekend that just passed but how life worked... well y'know. In any case I went to visit my grandmother whom I love ever so dearly. This was my second encounter with her in two years, the first a few days before and it was definitely the first time since my grandfather's death. This woman is so so strong. She was just reminiscing, I'm sure subconsciously, about the random things of life when they were still together. We went to her church on Sunday and we walked past a sidewalk with those long gutter slits? She just passed the comment of how she used to tell my grandpa how he should watch out for his cane, to make sure it didn't get stuck. It was such a simple statement and she even laughed a bit but it only filled me with grief and sadness. To be someone's life partner for so long then to have them just taken away... I don't know man.

Before that sadness though, the day before my cousin, my grandmother's driver and our driver and I all went out when we arrived to the waterfall in Erin-Ijesa. I was under the impression that I was going to see some water...not that I was going to do some intense hiking where if it wasn't for my cousin I probably would've slipped in the multiple unsafe areas to my certain death. Y'see the waterfall apparently has seven layers where you must climb to each level. The first level they've completed so there are stairs to it, but the following level has a much steeper set of stairs that lead to where they expect one to climb down to the water without a path. The next level you've got to scrape and grapple for stones, thick branches, and little bits of the mountain to grab onto. It was beyond beautiful when you finally get to where is necessary. Clearly I wasn't prepared for any of this, including bringing the swimming essentials I was apparently expected to have handy. I didn't even dwell on a possibility people would be in the water! I think I thought of it like the Niagara but even then, I still haven't even been there. Whatever, it was amazing either way.

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Olumirin Waterfalls