Long overdue

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I don't know why I wait so long with these photos saved on my computer and such but I hope you love these visuals as much as I do. And many more are in store when I return.

xxoo missusmonroe

Anais Pouliot photographed by Victor Demarchelier in Antidote Fall 2013

Directly below are pictures directly from Street Etiquette, an urban dress/lifestyle blog that I randomly stumbled upon about a year ago. I had absolutely no clue that they have been around as long as they have ~2008~ and they were so damn popular! As a mens style junkie I was automatically attracted to their taste and I just loved their ambiance and how naturally their composure seemed to grace not only them but their friends and photography. Without a doubt one of my favorite bloggers, there isn't a day I'm disinterested in their posts.
Beat the rain Photos by Joshua Kissi

Abdul, apple of my eye for too long
Dominique Hollington, Fernando Cabral, Nykhor Paul, Taejahn Taylor - Elle Mexico June 2013

Farhiya Shire in “Mono Chrome” for The Ones to Watch photographed by Ester Grass Vergara. Fashion Styling by Lotte van Keulen. Hair by Barbra Oliemans

Herieth Paul for TUSH Summer 2013 by Boe Marion

Jourdan Dunn covers the JuneJuly issue of Russh Magazine photographed by Benny Horne. Styled by Gillian Wilkins

Martha Hunt by Tmex Yeste for Numero #148


Ajak Deng photographed by Marc de Groot for Vogue Netherlands 2013. Styled by Dimphy Den Otter 

[I own none of these photos. They were gathered from tumblr.com, Street Etiquette, and cleansing]