I feel like summer's over

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Even though it's not, as soon as August first rolled around it was suddenly like, "oop! School time!" I was totally prepared before that hit me. So I think I'll just continue reminiscing on summer until the last possible day I can hah. Now that I'm back in the USofA I can show y'all my last days of Nigeria. I was only there for two months and it was already so difficult to say goodbye to everybody, especially in the office. But before I left I took pictures with *almost* everybody I was close to, memorabilia I suppose. As much as I'm going to miss the office I'm not going to miss all of the behind the scenes sneaking around those Naija men, and not just Nigerian men, do. They make for great stories but only until you realize that's actually someone's life. In any case, of course my aunt wouldn't let me leave without doing my hair. I'd been stalking this method of doing hair for almost a year now, or even a bit more than that, and I planned this exact moment to try it out myself. I literally had to teach the "hairdressers" in the salon because apparently nobody knows how to crotchet braid, whatever. After hours of telling them they were doing it wrong and showing them over and over again, they finally learned the style. Here I am just handing out hair lessons and whatnot, giving them new business! Everybody loved it when it was done. I liked it, but I didn't love it until I layered, chopped myself, and blended the two textures we had to use together. Here are my last days.

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