The Roses of My Life

4:24 PM Sade 0 Comments

Hello Lovebugs,

In other news, my career prospects have improved. I now intern at a global international education organization in D.C. My last internship dealt with aspects of education but not on such a huge global scale. It is really exciting to be part of an organization that advocated for lessening the gap between education inequalities. I feel as though, that is  a problem that I will be working with in the future. I am working through some brainstorming stages right now and decided how to combat such a problem on a local scale.

My personal and social life has gotten "better." I am coming out of my academic shell, quite a bit and attending functions. I even went to the club for the first time! That was a thrilling experience. I love to get down on the dance floor. My love life is..... at a standstill more or less. I am not exactly looking - I mean my prospects are not all that tempting. But maybe just a holler or two! haha only half serious.

Overall, I have been pretty well. I'm learning to lean more on God's understanding. I etched the verse, Philippians 4:13, "I do all things through Christ who strengthens me." I have this problem with taking the initiative and feeling as though, it is all my responsibility. But I am becoming to realize that this is not the case. And that is not only okay but completely necessary to lean on to Him..