Clubbin' All Night

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One word to describe Friday effectively would have to be ratchet. It was nice ratchet fun. As predicted, there was drama and stupidity beforehand but in the end I got to spend time with two girls that I've missed to pieces; that was all that mattered to me. We ended up getting greasy, sloppy food ~yum yum~ at Five Guys in D.C. then we embarked on the real adventure, Ibiza nightclub. Now, if anyone doesn't know, it's pretty ratchet, calling-all-black-people place, perfect for first-time clubbers like us because you can only go up from there. Luckily, there weren't any slothy guys, it was simply the process of entering and the false advertisements that was foul. However, It was so great to reunite with each other :). We needed the break of all these academics that have just been taking over our lives. It was fun to let loose, even if it was for a couple hours! All in all, It was a great time because of the people we were with, not because of the club itself haha. Definitely a great way to end Lola's birthday.

xxoo Sade and missusmonroe