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As it's well known, my 18th birthday was yesterday. I believe I explained this last year, but every year, quite consistently, my birthdays have been terrible. Things just never work out. Plans are always cancelled, attitudes are always caught, tears are always shed... it's always a mess. HOWEVER~ this year was something different. I think I just didn't let others determine how my birthday was going to turn out. It was finally about me and my happiness. This weekend should be a major TURN AHP and has multiple possibilities for disaster and drama but I don't even care because it's about me, as it should be.

It's been so busy as of late, with midterms, clubs, dance teams... ugh. Not to mention the bitter, depressing fact that my baby ~camera~ is no longer with me. Hopefully that is temporary. So please pardon my lack of updates.

xxoo missusmonroe