East Coast Vegas

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During my quietness lately, almost too much has occurred. First, I'd like to apologize on behalf of my stupid camera and its decision to never turn on again. Am I being dramatic, maybe a little but I'm actually really upset. While my life is getting quite crazy and busy, here I am trying to keep you guys updated and my camera just decides to die. I was in the middle of uploading pictures and it literally switched off; I've yet to see its lights appear again. And how inconvenient of it also, I mean a couple days before I went to Atlantic City and a week before I finally turn legal?! No remorse.

In any case, yes I went to the East Coasts' version of Vegas, Atlantic City, New Jersey. Why, you may ask? My eldest and only sister turned 21 that Saturday and what better way to bring it in? Fortunately, I have my phone's camera but unfortunately the quality is just simply not what I want. We had a lot of fun and caused a great deal of trouble. As I am writing this now, I am officially a changed woman. Why, you may ask once again? Well, today is my 18th birthday! I've had fabulous outfits all week that I haven't been able to properly document, hence my lack of posting, and this weekend is bound to be filled with craziness that I can only show with 5 megapixels! The frustration is entirely too much. Enjoy what I do have to offer though.

xxoo missusmonroe