A little update

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Y'know what's difficult? Uploading pictures from my phone rather than my camera. I'm still taking outfit of the day photos but for some reason they never make it here. It's quite frustrating actually. It's become ridiculous how busy I am; the thing is it's not just busy socially and with school work, it's also busy mentally; therefore, updating doesn't become my number one concern. This is entirely unfair considering the fact that hundreds of people come here weekly only to find the same post first as last time... My deepest and sincerest of apologies. I've finished all of my midterms and completed my first performance as a member of the hip hop troupe. Things have been moderately hectic which explains why I am here updating at 5 AM, keep in mind I have a 12 PM class which means waking up at 10. ~siiiiggghh~ I will be back with clothes next time!

xxoo missusmonroe