Work You Hard

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It's always been instilled in me that hard work is the only way to succeed, coupled with intellect and you're set. What I've come to realize is how untrue that is. You can work yourself to the grave and get nothing that you supposedly deserved; you can be the laziest, unmotivated person in the world and get whatever your heart desires. The world is not fair, it's all about opportunity... I would always question people who did not put forth any effort, why do you think you deserve it all then? What makes you think you're just so much better than others who work themselves into the ground, jumping through hoops for what they want? I've never gotten an answer so I suppose I'll just remain curious. 

Sometimes I wish I could just take all the knowledge I now know and start my life all over again. The other day a good friend said I look really happy in these pictures.. I know I should be but my reality is almost the stark opposite. Trying to find the good in an overwhelming amount of bad is tiring and feels really lonely. I know I'm not doing the greatest job of not worrying about what lies ahead of me but I cannot lie about how I feel.. Apprehensive about a future full of mistakes. Here's the verse that's gotten me through so far, maybe you'll do a better job of gripping to it.

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