SOAL Speaks: Queen Sandra, I'm sorry

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You know when your emotions are so strong, you can't even pinpoint what they are? When you're so enraged your body's only reactions are bone-numbing tremors or hot, angry, streaming tears, eventually reduced to quivering sobs? I want to scream at the top of my lungs, I want everyone to hear how much sorrow I'm feeling, but most importantly I want for everyone to remember the name of this woman who had her entire life ahead of her. Before I get into yet another injustice, I want to address my black people:

I am disgusted. I've been following this story for a little bit now, as soon as I'd caught sight of it, I knew it was important and that it was my responsibility to know all the details and how to DO something. Recently, I am just seeing many people begin to discuss the tragedy and as grateful as I am that it wasn't ignored completely, why did it take so long to catch your attention? Because everybody else on your TL was suddenly talking about it? To keep up with your 'socially aware' camouflage? What exactly was occupying your time, Meek's album, Future's release or the Meek beef with Drake? Or would the correct answer be D, all of the above? DO SOMETHING about a world that won't rest until we are either extinct or too vacuous to distinguish them from actual shit, but before anything WAKE THEM UP. Educate yourself on these issues so you actually sound like you have some intelligence when you speak on it. During the Civil Rights era blacks fought relentlessly: they got up, marched, went as far as moving to worse areas to be apart of the CHANGE. They died for their beliefs. All of that resilience got them and subsequently us somewhere. Some white people are laughing at us, they're saying the police is in the right; realize anything that occurs and does not affect them, they will always find a way to defend it. The cop pulled her from the car but yet he was only doing his job, if she had only complied.. and with all of our abundant precedents you truly believe she would have walked away? NO forget all of that utter and complete nonsense. There is always something we did wrong. There is never justice for us. Justice for white people is seen as justice for everyone.

#Sayhername: I just know Sandra Bland did not commit suicide. She might have deserved a ticket for failing to signal even though the police care purposely made a U-turn then came barreling down the street towards her, but because she did not feel as though she deserved a ticket does not mean the subsequent events were justified, lawful, and freaking humane. I cannot sit here and watch these killing sprees, then hashtag Black Lives Matter! on IG or retweet an article post, sit back and be satisfied with all of my efforts and hard work, and then go back to slaving over the brainwashing media we are being fed. Another girl was found in her jail cell "hung" with bedsheets after being booked for stealing a cell phone. #Sayhername: Kindra Darnell. This is what I call mass murder. What I have to say is they killed this woman. They took "mug shots" of a woman who was deceased. They carelessly threw her to the ground. This is deeply rooted, don't tell me racism died out. It has taken on different forms and by taking no action, we are accepting of it.

I refuse to sit and wait. I want to know what really happened. Who changed the paper work? Who gave them the right to empower themselves this way, by taking away someone else's? Click here if you want real answers, if you're tired of sitting around waiting for justice. Rest in Power, as they're saying, to a lost but never forgotten BLACK queen who deserved not a damn thing she was dealt.

xxoo missusmonroe