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H&M top (from Sade!), Missguided pants, can't remember where I got my shoes but they're from the UK

And no I don't mean a recent Drake song, I mean the real shit. Y'all know I've been going through some meaningful lows and trying to keep my head up, but it seemed as though every time I had enough room to breathe another current would swoop me back down... I know life is filled with disappointments I'm just really tired of them. A close friend told me today of a verse she read discussing how this is all apart of the perfect plan God has for me. A little unimaginable that all the hardships I'm withstanding is apart of something perfect. Not just anything really, my life. I know everything happens for a certain reason, nothing just randomly occurs even though it seems that way. While it's happening though, what a hard concept that is to grasp. All you can think about are the negatives, the disappointments, the lows, and especially the woes. I'm opening my eyes to the otherwise. I've always been really good at moving on and here is where I use it to fuel me. I'm already on to new adventures, I should celebrate my achievements, no matter how minuscule they may seem.

In other news, I'm doing a lot more things that are making me happy. Genuinely. I'm also filming more and finding new outlets of expression. Reflecting. Loving. A change is way overdue. 

"Take me deeper than my feet could wander."

xxoo missusmonroe