How can you tell me?

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As I seem to continue to hear crazy and crazier news almost daily now, I've been brought back to a conversation my mother and I had many moons ago. Well, it wasn't really too much of a conversation as much as it was a demand. There was a time where I was constantly upset and generally sad, some of you faithful readers may know of it because honestly it wasn't too long ago. My mom would ask me why I'm not smiling as much as I used to and I'd respond "why should I be smiling? Why should I smile when I have nothing to be smiling about?

I just specifically remember her telling me to be happy. How can one just be happy, I'd think incredulously. You either were happy or not, no? Muddled up in more commands was her saying no, there is a choice. It has recently become clearer what she meant. Yes, happiness can come upon you but you also can choose. It may be hard to imagine from post after post and the stories I tell but there was a time where I wouldn't be very sad at all. I naturally always have a smile on my face and I never really had anything I thought was worth wasting that much energy worrying about and being upset over. Things changed very quickly, clearly, but as I attempt to ease back into the mindset of my earlier years, I've come to realize a lot. I've never enjoyed moping, I actually hate complaining, I like trying to fix things on my own, I naturally don't dwell on anything even if it made me furious two minutes ago, I love being happy and receiving love, but most importantly there's always a choice.

Choose happiness.

xxoo missusmonroe