That feeling

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Sheinside co-ordinate, American Apparel socks, H&M hat

When the only thing you have to look forward to in your day is your outfit... Working an office job now, I know imagine, I'm basically having the same dilemma I faced in my past summer internships, the whole "business casual with all of the unspoken and unwritten office dress code rules". The catch this time is the fact that I plan a fantastic outfit, then I have to edit it to make it work appropriate which completely bothers me because then it's like wasting a good outfit. However, I don't want to go all day in "business casual cute" because honestly, as undefined as my style is, that's just not my style. It's not my comfort, it's too comfortable and safe, while I find comfort in the uncomfortable and unpredictable. Not to mention most days I have to walk throughout campus, let's just say on a warm day, in pants/knee-length "cute" and it's just beyond irritating. I'll keep to my system, it makes documenting through pictures more pertinent to me.

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