A Virginia Beach Labor Day

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As you can probably assume from the title, I don't want to insult your intelligence here, but my Labor Day weekend was spent in Virginia Beach, Norfolkish Virginia. Let me just tell you, the fact that I am paying a hefty out-of-state tuition is ridiculous compared to the fact that it took us about 4+ hours to get to another side of Virginia and I live about an hour and a half from my school. I don't understand why I'm paying so much money and I live closer! What a topic for another day, onto the adventure of Norfolk. We stayed at this really modern hotel we actually stayed in last weekend, we liked it so much we continued the chain down south. The ride there was partially stressful because of my mother's navigational skills, or lack thereof haha but that's why these things are called adventures. In any case, we finally got there and were trying to decide where to get dinner; I miraculously remembered this amazing place everybody in my school's always talking about, raving about their quality food and cheap prices. The thing about Cookout is it's only a southern chain, like Waffle House, and us Marylanders don't get that shit. So I completely hopped on that horse, ironically it was only 10 minutes from our hotel, it was fate I'll tell you. It was cool food, I don't know if I'd kill someone for it, but it wasn't disappointing, plus the dirt prices can't be complained about! The next day we spent at the beach all day, my kid brother and I being the only ones actually venturing in the water, my mother did set aside her anxieties for a little bit though, it was a proud moment for us.

xxoo missusmonroe