For a "Darkskin" Girl

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Thrifted chiffon button-up, Topshop crop, Sheinside shorts, eBay socks

I ventured into the land of faux locs again, this time taking on the Marley adventure and going for my favorite color of hair, close to jet black, platinum blond. It took me about 8-9 hours with this style, a significant difference from the yarn locs. But onto the main point, my hair and my skin tone. I don't think I will ever see the day where someone else will not believe my skin tone should not affect every decision, clothes and makeup wise, that I make. Because my hair is blond, is bright, and therefore contrasts with my skin quite significantly, I'm not allowed? HOWEVER, if I was of a lighter complexion it would be completely acceptable. In fact, it'd be "cool", "daring", "original", "exotic" *bitterly laughs* but for girls like me it's "unprofessional", "different", "interesting", "courageous" or just "for someone else". Who is anyone to tell me I cannot venture into anything I wish to dabble in because of my pigmentation, are you kidding me? In all honesty, I believe it must be a joke; therefore, I can't even waste my breath on it, but I will publicize it for my girls out there to get a very important message. There's someone out here taking what is said to be "risks" for us. There's someone out here who's doing whatever she wants, not thinking once about what those of society are going to think, say, or do.

xxoo missusmonroe