Anytime, Any Place

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DIY crop crewneck, Skirt dungarees, lug sandals

Last semester I was completely consumed with due dates and that's what separated my days from each other, when things were to be due. This semester it's similar, but I can tell it's going to be a combination of both due dates but also time. Sounds obvious, but seriously, I've been surviving on "class is at 10:30, over at 1:10, work is at 1:45, get off at 5, break for a tad to possibly do homework, night class at 7, blah blah, etc. etc." Sooner or later it's going to get to me but I'm trying to stall that as long as I possibly can. Getting dressed, mixing prints, combining unexpected items and still being able to come up with new ways to wear something even years after getting it, like above, is still one of the only things keeping me really happy. I know God's got me but there's also work you have to put forth.

xxoo missusmonroe