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Thrifted top, Missguided PVC skirt, forever21 chunky boots

So Saturday was the end of Mason week and they decided to end it with their usual concert. This time around, their special performer was Ludacris.... Now, I am a hard core lover of Luda, but I mean he hasn't been truly relevant in the past decade. I guess he's trying to make this comeback, kudos to him but why can they never leave with their legacy behind them? In any case, my floor tickets were free so you know who was in dere. It was actually a pretty fun night, aside from all of the drunk white people at the concert annoying the hell out of me and my close friend Kaylyn. By the way, face beat by Kaylyn! She did a fantastic job in under 20 minutes. Not to mention I got to finall wear my PVC skirt and these amazing boots I got on my mini shopping spree.

xxoo missusmonroe