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You all may be wondering where I went; I know, I know I was doing such a good and consistent job then I fell off the moon again! Well actually, what happened was I began putting together an awesome lookbook video and I didn't want to post the pictures first so first it started off as that, then it quickly ran into finals and here we are in the summer. But don't fret, not much has happened at all lol. Well I reached some goals, got some achievements, failed terribly at some things...basically my normal cycle of great news being snatched from my hands and replaced with mediocre news.

Honestly, yeah these past few weeks were just a great mix of ups and downs and by great I mean a variance. It's kind of awkward and weird to imagine my third year of college is down already. I almost want to ask myself what I'm doing with my life even though I can clearly see what. But that big "what's next?" is right around the corner and I've always known but now that it's so close, my positivity almost seems naive for some strange reason. But that's a conversation for another moment. All in all, welcome summer 16, the summer that's supposed to be good to me. I'll be recapping major events that happened post break, but until then..

xxoo missusmonroe