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What would have been the beginning of this post began rather oddly. Immediately following my trip to DE I began experiencing some intense back pain then before I knew it, I broke down with an intense fever and infection. It was awful to say the least, even worse than the last time I came down with a fever. You would hardly guess from these moments that I was just barely simmering, literally, now would ya?

My bugaboo and I went on a random hunt in the one and only capital..for no particular reason. At all. We actually began by searching "idk" in google and it took us to a location in DC actually called AKA... just freaking nonsense but it lead us to an awesome time. We landed in D.C.'s newest hipster haven as of last summer, Renwick if you're absolutely late, and did what absolutely everyone does in Renwick.

Except for us the experience is always different. We were loud and outgoing, confident as hell. Leaving the ol gallery with a bit more flavor and astonished little white children. Our next big decision was whether we should get pizza from our favorite pizza shop first or head over to the portrait gallery. If you don't know, our last portrait gallery experience included running around, similar to headless chickens if you need a visual, trying to see all we could as the security guards were attempting to kick us out due to "the museum closing". Ridiculous, I know.
Forever21 top, DIY thrifted jeans, Zara sandals

We finally decided to walk to the gallery since we weren't starving yet, come back and walk to our pizza. Mind you this was all also very dependent on our parking meter, as we hadn't spent too long in Renwick and didn't want to find a new spot downtown because if you know D.C. you know what I mean. We begin our adventure entertaining some street performers nearly, and ironically rather, right in front of the White House.. as we moved further we realized our horrid mistake. It felt like the hottest, most humid day in the world. And here we were just walking like nobody's business to a building about 20 minutes away by feet. Getting there wasn't even the feat, after enjoying the glorious air conditioned air, walking back was actually the hard part. We sweat our skins off all the way back to the car only to discover there was a pizza shop not too far from the gallery. Fantastic. 

The day was still absolutely amazing and I just had a lot of joy, now of course this could either be from recovery or exploring with this kid, but who's to tell.

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