6 PM in Philly

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This past weekend was pretty magical to say the least *yes cue the sparkles and fairy dust and shit*. Because I'm oh so artsy fartsy, I went to my baebae's, y'all may know him as yesterdaynite, exhibit in Philly as he presented himself, Alim Smith Afro Surrealist. Lol, for some reason that sounds so hefty coming out like okay, go ahead with your title. 

From train rides, to bus rides, I finally arrived in the first state and after a long night of talking, me struggling to pre-do my hair, him staying up the entire night finishing his beauties, I finally did catch a few hours of Z's. The following day though...y'know, if any of y'all have any artist friends or beaus you understand. Hectic is not the word. Emotions flying all over, paint in hair, attitudes up asses, and anything else in between. It was pretty chaotic. But we finally made it to the show, created some amazing feng shui, got the wine to pouring, and everybody absolutely loved it.

If your home happens to be in Delaware or you find yourself on the other side of Philly, get a dose of their parks. It's like a mix of bridal pictures heaven and vast peaceful serenity feels. Some amazing smoothies, chasing away dogs, bush peeing, chickun tacos, and secret parks later, we were spit-balling creativity under the stars and above the concrete. A lot of weirdness preceded, even by our historical encounters with strange auras.. I can't exactly explain it now but when I can put it into real terms maybe the world will have to know..

xxoo missusmonroe

P.S. have you ever had supernatural type experiences but didn't know who to jest about it with?