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This outfit came together so very randomly. Honestly, I feel like I haven't really been dressing to the 9s. Maybe things have gotten so busy, my comfort has been kind of put on the back burner. ALSO probably because I'm broke as a joke and I don't even have time to consider making a trip to the thrift. Literally, March was mayhem and I thought I'd have April as a brake, but just like the first, that was a complete joke.

Urban Renewal fishtail jacket, Forever21 dress, headscarf Sade's gift to me from India
So I've been piecing a lot things together the morning of, if you know me you know that's not my thing and that's probably a big reason nothing has really been feeling, complete. I think this was an exception and I just like the dynamic. It was actually supposed to be a rainy day, the reason for pulling out my lab rain coat. However, seeing as though I missed my first class...and almost my second class I also missed the rain and cool morning *insert hard side-eye*. Purposefully created a rain-friendly outfit and missed the rain, what the hell. Other than nearly sweating it out, I think it came together pretty well. If I could swap something out...it'd probably be the flatforms; I really didn't intend for it to look so matchy. In fact, my socks had dark green on them as well and I scrunched them down to hide it because I was sick with the coordination.

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