cozi aesthetics: kitchen chronicles

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Y'know something, I really appreciate the cozy aesthetic but never have I been able to get with it. To actually commit. Since I'm the type who doesn't wear/buy sweats besides for the purpose of pajamas, the "cozy" wave, I deemed cozi because I mean it's more fun to look at let's be honest, was never really for me. However I seriously love seeing it. This day in particular I just randomly put this together and I think I finally somewhat mastered it for me and my taste. I think the thing was that I've always thought it just didn't do enough to be honest, it just lacked. As in.. if I were to replicate the outfit of someone else for example, I'd look like I just rolled out of bed. The type of thing where it's perfectly cool for you girl, but that shit won't rock with me. But how awesome is this look! One of my resolutions this year was to step even further out of my box. To be even more limitless with my style and to take even bigger risks, personal risks independent of any and everything around me. So I would certainly place this look in that direction. Yes, my hair is indeed purple again, I'll do a separate post on it because honestly in these pictures you can hardly really tell. The reason for this? Well..

Thrifted sweater, missguided dress, Hooters socks, thrifted shoes
So let's touch on this kitchen bit for a moment. As I was leaving Texas my tripod took its last stand (!!! I swear I don't mean to be so funny, swear) and I've been struggling ever since. My camera is still crippled in such a way I never actually explained, but nonetheless it's out of commission. I came back to my suite after a long ass day and it was nearing sunset, explanation for your inability to see the purp, but I knew I had to capture this look...but where?! Suddenly my kitchen smarted gleaming, in all honesty it was sparkling..and my kitchen is not that type of kitchen, okay? *cough* *cough* suite mates *cough* In any case, I suddenly got the vision of this theme for the editorial and this was the wonderful result, cozi homey vibrations. I'm not sure if you can tell, but my shoes are definitely my favorite part of this outfit. Shoes for sure, forever, make or break an entire look. Am I the only firm believer?

xxoo missusmonroe

P.S., blame my ipod, the light position, and the nearing sunset for the wary colors that refused to color correct