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So there's been Michael and Janet, Brandy and Ray-J, James and Dave Franco, the Mowry's and their brother, Hilary and Haylie, Toni and Tamar, and the list goes on and on really. Some successes and many failures in what seems to be a nearly impossible feat, stepping out of their sibling's shadow or even *gasp* obtaining more fame. We can literally talk about so many crash and burn stories but that's not really what we're here for. Ask anyone, we love a good (or bad) excuse to celebrate and what a better person to celebrate than Miss Solo herself? Sol-Angel, saintrecords, the lady many of us hardly directly associate with Beyonce anymore, at least not on that comparison of success basis. Honestly this is just B's hipper, younger sister who's so damn effortlessly cool and in tune with herself. 

spirit animal: a statement that said person or thing is a representation of you or who you want to be, as Urban Dictionary has helped us define it as. 
[missusmonroe:] I like to say Solo is half my spirit animal, the other half being Rihanna (what a combination...). I just think we're so much alike, I admire her expression so much and how embracing she is of herself; exactly how I encourage others to live and love. 

Solange makes it known she's still learning, still very much so a work in progress but what a great work she is thus far. Fearless. So unconventional in her family life and work life. Her music will never be that typical hip hop and R&B, which to us is awesome because it is a direct reflection of who she is. Isn't that what your art is supposed to be? From her travels to her community efforts, it just feels like she's got this life thing down right.

Another thing we really love about Solange is her fearless and creative approach at life. When we first came to know Solange, we knew her exclusively as Beyonce's little sister. And quite honestly, there was still a mirrored image of Beyonce in her. But it seems like that there was surely a break in that pattern, because we have now come to her as "Solange Knowles." on her path of self identity and discovery, we've have been invited exclusive access to her life. Below are some images that we really fell in love with as almost as much we are inspired by her!

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images courtesy of Google, edited by Sade and missusmonroe