An Exit as Big as Texas

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This post was certainly supposed to be my wrap up Texas post, but as you can see that never really happened. Right before I left I captured my last day of work and went to a new restaurant for me, that was my experience in Texas in a nutshell honestly, named Kona Grill. That thing on the menu you squeeze your nose at believing you'll hate is usually the one item you'll die for, from experience! Leaving Texas was mayhem then I arrived home and only stayed for about a night, then it was off to school with class the very next day. It was crazy scheduling and now I'm back in the mix of school without a tripod. That's been the real problem, not that I haven't been busy because I have, but I don't even have the option right now *gasp emoji*

Not that there's been much to capture this past week with me being sicker than a dog. I actually had the opportunity to participate in the iAmiKonic dance convention in DC with choreographers such as Hollywood, Rob Rich, Say'Quan, and Kaelynn "KK" Harris and immediately transitioning from that I came down with feverish temperatures and migraines to kill. I've really been out of commission and unable to function until a few days ago! But thankfully and by God's grace, I'm ready to kill this week.

xxoo missusmonroe