Cultured: Vibrant Vietnam

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I totally am having a bit of cabin fever combined with some wanderlust. I was looking through my old photo albums from Thailand and was caught with a bit of fondness of how brave and carefree I was to travel solo in such a foreign country. Along the way, I surely learned that the world is not as scary as it seems, and that people all have a common bond of belonging.

Over that past summer, I traveled to Burma, Cambodia, and throughout Thailand. I didn't get a chance to visit Vietnam but if I did, here's what I would look forward to:

The country has such beautiful terraces!
Vietnam's very famous, "Halong Bay". I'd argue this is very similar to Thailand's Krabi island.

Ho Chi Minh is also such a vibrant city!

And How could I forget the food??? 

Where would you go if you had one summer?