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Thrifted everything but Topshop socks and Juju Hi babes

This is such a random feeling post with this random outfit, ha I literally just reached into my suitcase, because of course there is no use of unpacking, and these were the items that ended up being in my hand. I believe my Jujus were the only thing I actually planned. In any case, the beginning of my day was spent in the wholesale division of D.C. ~I didn't even know of its existence, it's such a cheap, quirky place to find yourself. My mother and I went in the hopes of finding this shop that sells Ankara that my mom had previously visited. I wasn't impressed at first glance but they had some unique prints, not the same played ones you usually find in Nigeria where the next moomoo or babe down the street is wearing the same. You guys are well aware of my dilemma of imagining a certain thing and searching for it in stores for years only for it to appear years later? ~tell tale signs of a designer~ Well matching prints is in that category for me, along with all of the sandals I'm finally finding this season and still searching for. I know matching prints is out and about now in retail but I've yet to find the exact style in mind! The closest I've found is at H&M but who seriously wants to pay $30 a pop? (I may get it regardless depending on the fit but still! Principles people) So with this Ankara my imagination will come to life. I'm thinking of getting two matching prints done by the tailor, one with a crop that I can mix within my closet, and also hopefully a 5 panel hat. After the trip into the city I felt that itching sensation that pictures needed to be taken? Plus the sun was begging to do some amazing things. As the evening approached I went to my sister's grad cookout/luau (actual pictures of my GRID). I never did upload the post from her graduation...it'll be done soon.

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the story behind this was as we were attempting to get the picture my brother continued to move forward. consequently, the makeshift booth collapsed and this hilarious moment was captured.