Need you bad

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H&M crotchet tank, mother's granny sweater, American Apparel unisex pants, f21 Utilitarian boots

It started off as a grand day, what with my hair looking all Farrah Fawcett-y, not wearing any ugly spirit week clothes... I was pretty content, fatigue aside. Then as the day dragged on I just started feeling worse for no particular reason. I think it might've been the condition of my hair... But anyway as soon as I walked into my house I was in a crappy mood. Then after taking pictures while being overly annoyed, my computer was acting dumber than usual. I think I just about had it right then, then I saw my screensaver and I died of laughter. Love you Sade. Oh, and caution the weather was sketchy today so in most of the pictures my pants look sort of white-ish, it's mint green haaha. And there's one where it looks like I'm glowing... I liked how it looked so I kept it.
xxoo missusmonroe