Cha Ya Sushi

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I discovered this great little Asian bistro that I mentioned in my mother's birthday post, and it was so good that I went again but this time with the girls. Well, the girls minus one because Lin got in trouble (don't even ask because it's a long story). Anyway, so as Sade and I were waiting for Adrianna and discussing all of the people who are jealous of us and don't like us simply because we are us, Rihanna status, Sade came up with the most hilariously brilliant plan ever: we stage Adrianna's birthday. I was discussing how my mom got that free ice-cream with fried bananas sundae and we were like hey, why pay $7 each for one when we could just get one for free? It was great, Adrianna was so shocked until we filled her in and she really milked the whole idea. Plus she fell in love with this waiter, did I mention she has this strange fetish for Asian guys? Oh boy, we're some crazy girls. That was the most fun I've had in a while though, it was really great. Keep an eye out, cause more photos will continuously be added.
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