Dollah pizza

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Thrifted camo jacket, f21 LA crop top, Atmosphere printed sweats, Atmostphere canvas

So today was a total bust. I was supposed to go to my best friend Lin's house along with the other girls Adrianna and Sade so that we could make our spirit day shirts for Friday. But this dumbass public transportation was late and I was hungry, so I went into the 7-Eleven to see what I could get to eat. I ended up getting pizza for a dollar, a dollar, and came out only to see the bus down the street. Literally, the stop is 10 steps from the convenience store. I waved my hands and everything as the bus just passed right by me, even though I was right. there. Can I tell you how pissed I was? Not to mention I called them and they gave me all this bullshit. Now we'll have to do this shit solo dolo. Previous to this though I walked to Ulta to see if they had the Essie metallic gold I've been searching for to no avail. But after the whole bus escapade I had time to check CVS and lo and behold they did. But that sucker was $8.39 and when I stumbled upon the Maybelline one for only $4 you know which one I chose.

P.S. Sade I was gunna return this to you today, but uh since I didn't see you another time :)

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love the combo of patterns... very unique!

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