Wasted Unwasted Youth

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Forever21 top, DIY collar cuffs, H&M jumper, Primark shoes, vintage necklace

Alright, so today was a very particular day. It started off with me supposed to meet an old friend which backfired in my face. But thank God for that because I stumbled upon the most magnificent thrift store I've ever found. It's sort of like when I got adjusted to the first thrift I went to, and then also like when I was introduced to an even bigger thrift by my father. Now, with those thoughts in mind I really didn't think I'd find a better one than my faithful Salvs until I move to the city, but daaamn was I wrong! The one I found today was mind boggling; I'd heard of it before but I didn't believe it because when I saw it through the windows all I saw was home decor, but I had nothing to lose today so I went in. It's so gorgeous and the bag isle is literally three isles while the shoes take up the entire store. So, I mean you have to know that I was in love. I plan on taking Sade and our other BFF T'Aja next Wednesday, along with some damn money this time, so we can blow that mother up, yeah. *Que Spongebob song* It's the beeeeest daaaay eeeeeveeeeer!
xxoo missusmonroe