Scalloped Shorts DIY

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For about a year now, we've seen the scalloped shorts trend from fashionistas alike.
Upon creating this post, I googled up scalloped shorts, and the average prices went from a modest 58$ to a pricey 120$! I don't know about you guys, but Dami and I use that type of money for more important purchases! We're gonna show you how you don't need all that money instead pull from your own closet.

Scalloped Shorts DIY

A handy pair of scissors
A old pair of shorts (or pants in my case)
A scallop pattern for cutting
An ounce of patience
A couple of pins

1. Once you've chosen the appropriate pair of  shorts, you have to make a 'scallop' pattern to cut the shorts with. I found some online, however, my printer is wonky, and so I made mine out of a circular instrument (spool of thread) in my room.

2. Once you've made the pattern, pin it to the shorts, and begin cutting! Be careful because you want to make precise clean lines to avoid fraying thread.

3. And for the last step, wipe the dirt off your shoulders, style appropriately and tada!

xoxo Sade