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Okay, so this upcoming school year is my senior prom and I decided last year I would be the one making my prom dress. I know, I know, I'm a psychopath but I mean, if I truly want to be a designer I feel as though this is only the first step in my upcoming career. So, I've been sewing for only a couple of months now since we started the sewing in my fashion class in school. I've been hand sewing for years now, but I finally know how to work a machine, and pretty well at that. Anyway, in class we simply made two pillows, one extremely simple and another way more complex and time consuming. That definitely taught me how to work a machine, how to embroider, how to fake embroider, how to sew close the edge, and blah blah blah. Finally, after school let out and I got back from vacation, I picked up a machine again, my mom's ancient thing but a machine none-the-less, and these are the outcomes so far.

I've definitely made some mistakes, but mistakes that'll help me later on, especially when it comes to my dress. I'm thinking that'll be like the big she-BANG of my high school career, not only graduating but also seeing my dreams partially coming true. Anyway, I'm going to try to start sewing in day-light cause I've been doing this shit at like 1 AM each. Not the best of ideas man. Hope you guys like them though, and much more to come!
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