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bianca:  http://bianca.kastorandpollux.com/

So, I posted a picture of this girl maybe a week ago in the random inspiration post, the pictures I got from tumblr, but you probably don't recognize this girl above because in the picture she was a blond. Regardless her styling is still very prominent. Anyway, then I did not know who she was but I continued to reblog her then finally someone posted the source and boom! I found her! She's Bianca, she's 19 and she has sort of like a brand with her best friend/twin Dani, I'm very skeptical about this twin situation because they don't even look like sisters but ehh who am I to judge right? They're beautiful girls with every-changing hairstyles like me. They're also college students with mad style, OMG I believe I am now currently obsessed with them. Enjoy my stalkerish finds!
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Dani:  http://dani.kastorandpollux.com