New Year's Eve: Under the Cuban Glow

11:40 PM Sade 0 Comments

As 2017 is off to a good start, we couldn't help but to think of the peaks and lows of the previous year!  We decided and to spend the NYE together (as best friends do), but with a bit of a twist. A Cuban twist, actually. So what do girls do? Go dancing at the hottest latin dancing club in the city! Cuba Libre was a great way to ring in the new year, with each other, along with loved ones and good friends. Cuba Libre is a great restaurant with cuban fare and live music; after-hours it transforms to a cuban nightclub of all sorts! Highly recommend for a good time all-around.

Year after year we're always miles apart at this time of the year, oceans being a separating factor on more than a couple of occasions. As 2016 took its last breath, it was especially a noteworthy celebration. 

How did you spend your NYE? With friends? Cuddled up with a book? or took on something different for the year?

Sade, missusmonroe