Hash-Slinging Rule breaker

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There seems to be this fine line between bloggers and graphic designers, a line no one can cross. I know the "blogger rules" and boundaries, y'know the ones we claim don't exist and can't exactly point to a bible but can certainly show examples and low-key maybe high-key agree on... How the photos must look extremely natural for example, preferably outside, nice lighting, no background clutter, in the street! look natural! Yeah as natural as you can appear in the middle of the street with your photoshopped, photo-enhanced pictures. No offense.

I feel like I'm always breaking some sort of standard. It's almost unfair to the wannabe rebels. I just don't believe in not experimenting with color depths, shapes, saturation limits, outside and inside gems, negative images... I like it all. I love editorial style but when last have you seen an editorial shot in the middle of the street in one stature, one color scheme? Maybe it's the avant garde in me but when I see those prints, they don't look like every day scenes and poses and that's the point. Because that catches the eye. What real people do you know rock fluorescent beige eyeliner during the day? real, I said.

So I took it back to a basic for a minute: shot in my corridor. Yes the lighting is .. well indoors and the little "B" is quirky and amateur-ish. But I enjoyed it. I took pictures outside as well, that I did not even end up liking more than these. It allowed me to experiment, something I enjoy doing. Plus this face I'm giving? Come on.
This was my first day of classes for my remaining semester of undergrad. And it wouldn't be my life if I didn't spend it fighting some sort of administration. The story behind this outfit..is there is none. Ha, seriously. I just slapped it together. I told you all of the trench I picked up at BC, here it issss. So I paired it with all black because of obvious color reasons. I also planned on wearing these Zara boots I'd been eyeing since the season rolled in and scooped as soon as their annual sale came through, thanks Jesus. The turquoise and the grey seemed very right in my head so I knew the rest had to be timid. Tada!

Are you loving the translucent details in the coat or yes?

xxoo missusmonroe
Beacon's Closet thrifted trench, H&M cropped turtleneck, Missguided jeans, Zara boots