Cultured: South Africa

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As I put off packing till the night before, I'm thinking about my upcoming vacation to South Africa for this month's "Cultured" South Africa! While I enjoy traveling, in terms of the African continent, I've only been to 4 countries (and they've all been in western Africa - my place of origin). Definitely on my list includes Morocco, Madagascar, Sudan, Tunisia, Senegal and lastly South Africa. To my surprise when my ticket was confirmed and I was left pondering what I wanted to explore once I touched down in Johannesburg! I'll be visiting family and friends, so this will be the first vacation in about 2 years and I'm completely elated. My past two times I've been conducting researching, volunteering or studying. I still had a crazy amount of responsibilities and things that "took" me away from the present moment. I leave in less than 4 days and I'm not exactly sure what I'm going to be doing, but that's what makes things fun right? I thought I'd share a few "spots" in Johannesburg including foods, culture and more. Enjoy!

Typical South African food seems to be a mix dishes but a very heavy concentration on meat, especially dried meat. Johannesburg is known for its great mix of restaurants and international fare, however. It is difficult to encapsulate the gastroeconomy of a country but here were a few favorites!

Street food is gaining traction in the city (featured: traditional Roosterkoek bread)
Nelson Mandela Bridge

Maybe I'll just try one of these cities buses and see where it takes me?!

Hope to provide my own personal experience of SA next time that I post!