bEAST Coast Competition 2016

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Every year, premiere, nation-wide non-profit dance Organization, Culture Shock (D.C.) hosts a dance competition  named.. East Coast Dance Competition lol or just ECDC. Tons of super talented dancers who plan on being in the industry, ~dance is life~ combine their best choreographers, compile their heaviest hitting sets, and fight to the death to impress some of the most industry- notorious choreographers who happen to be the judges for the night. I mean we also have some fun too.. It's truly no big deal. Clearly.

As long as I've been a member of UrbanKnowlogy 101, we've never been apart of this close of the Fall season. The DMV's dance community is pretty deep and well-supported. Everyone essentially knows one another from one competition or another showcase... But we're talking about the East Coast in its entirety, invited to Howard's own auditorium in D.C. to do a lil more than buss a wine. And it was awesome! 
I mean granted, it was one of the longest days I've experienced in a while. And leading up to we definitely had some long, tiring, back-to-back performances.. But fearlessly pushing ourselves to compete against some of who are considered the best around the way, conceptualizing one of the most recognized set theme of the night, and can I just get my props for our styling please, Lol.. for real, all of which just attests to our growth and dedication.

Us as an executive board have surpassed so many personal goals we'd set at the beginning of the season, and it's only halfway through. I'm incredibly proud to say the least. Wouldn't trade these people for the world.

xxoo missusmonroe

P.S. Then we had additional workshops the following day where I absolutely rediscovered my soul.