school daze

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The semester has finally come to a screeching halt. FINALLY. If you're new, that's been the reason for this mini hiatus, if you're a usual, well you know the deal. So, what's been happening over the past few weeks?

It's very possible I'll just do a wrap-up/makeup post like I usually do in these it weird we really have a protocol for my absences? (laughs out loud), seriously, it's like stop, drop, and roll muscle memory. After about two weeks of nothingness, we all just collectively migrate to our respective instagram accounts, searching for updates there. And to be truly honest, you just may get more details from those two-sentence posts than here..

*awkward giggle* kidding...

It's really been a year since I returned from that one break that never seemed like it would end.. okay I know that describes just about every time but y'know the one, when it was nearly the new year and I made it a goal to be even more consistent with SOAL. I was in Texas and I was just getting a new and fresher perspective on a lot of things, including the future of this blog and its vast potential. I'll address the past year and new year when the time comes but it's unimaginable to me that it's been a whole year and here I am with last year's struggles. Truth be told, I'm over it.

I think that's what this post is about. I love this location and the aura it has, very high school nostalgia, and maybe that's why I chose it. Very ready to end this chapter of my life, if I could do it right now I would. I'm in this moment now but it's very much so serving as a strong indicator of a past life. My past. I've moved on mentally but my being is still constrained here; in today and yesterday.. But a tomorrow not too distant, the new path will be set and it will be a new direction's turn. And that's a day I'm awaiting with open arms.

xxoo missusmonroe