Where'd Your Love Go?

9:17 AM Sade 0 Comments

As I blast the oh-so eloquent Solange Knowles' new Album, I begin to write this point.
The long awaited album by the oh-so talented, eclectic, outspoken creative, Solange has arrived. Since her debut album of 'Sol-Angel and the Hadley St. Dreams", I knew that Ms. Knowles was truly  different artist and had a unique voice to be heard. The reality was her album and music at the time didn't mix with a lot of mainstream artists, but it also didn't really fit with the "fringe" or underground culture, therefore finding some difficulty expressing her music as an artist. I knew that she was always building though. She built and continued to grow as an artist, both musically and non-musically. But "A Seat at the Table" is exactly the album I was waiting for without even knowing it. As I continue to fully blast the song in my ear drums, I will add commentary as necessary. This album is truly and uniquely Solange's voice and soul. I love the #blackgirlmagic oozing out of every interlude and chorus. Thank you Solange for reviving my love of album "drops" and your boldness and beauty.