straight necks and paint jobs

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One day I was thinking of The Olsen sister's show, you know the one, with the dad and the babysitter, they're in like middle school or something or another. And every time I think of the '99-2000s coming back I always imagine them and their platform foam sandals with the frost tipped hair. I also imagine their straight neck cami crop tops, put that into google, I'm telling you I'm saving the world with that search, and I just remember my detest for it at the time when I was younger. NOW LOOK AT ME.

I'd searched high and low for this top; honestly, I was tired of crops and wasn't particularly looking for one but all I could find, the limited choices I had, were crops that were ribbed, thanks a ton for you variety of fabric missguided. Over the summer I just happened to stumble upon one of the Zara sales and honestly, #truly, I believe it was the best one out of their summer blow outs. I scored a plethora of items, the ones I featured in my BTS lookbook, for a very very low cost and this bad boy was among the few staples. 

On the model I was so very eh, but when I tried her on though. And the corset detail, ugh! I know she was heaven sent. Speaking of heaven, lawd hammercy American Apparel better come. thru. In a thrift haul I showed these jeans off but I did not slip into them, look at this paint job! How very 2000s am I here... I've got painted on jeans for goodness sake.
Anyway, enough of my antics. The inspiration to pair these two was the color way. I'd been wanting to wear this at the end of summer, when it's warm enough to be sleeveless but cool enough for my thighs not to itch cause of sweat and irritation (y'all know, don't be shy now) but the way summer quickly dashed off and we had winter the very next day, there was a slight delay. These shoes were a very last minute-i'm-late-to-class-for-the-umpteenth-time decision that I do not regret. Because let's be honest, they go with everything.
Styling made easy! (I really enjoy the sound of that...since that one post I did lol, hashtag anyone?)

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