Healing. You penciled that in?

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Let's approach the elephant in the room. I know many of us are hurting in various different ways, some specific to us and our circumstance and some unbeknownst to you completely. I also think many of us are walking around with the weight of the world, those before us, and those before them. The incredible amount of people meandering this earth with sicknesses and distraught.. We're simply going through so much and are just always on the go. You'll be lucky if you've taken time out to even identify your issues. Fucking blessed to be able to address them. And alcohol them down and gauze 'em up? Other worldly.

It's laughable but it's entirely true. There's hardly time in the day to sit and think to yourself, if you're in school or working, without your thoughts interrupted with the urgency that you should be doing something else. Or when you are thinking, it's because someone tiered above you told you to, so now you're thinking on your time for someone else. If there's hardly a moment to breathe for yourself, do you imagine you have actually healed from all the wounds you've accumulated?

Ever had a conversation of privilege? If you're a POC I imagine you know what I mean, if you're not, you may not recognize this word at all *cue Joanne Prada ~ don't know what that is...neverrr uhm, felt that ~* Well it exists. It actually comes in any form you can possibly think of and self-identity is certainly one. Healing? Bet your bottom dollar; just package that and wrap it right in the privilege box.

This all goes to say the majority of us haven't had that time to heal. To forgive. To correctly and effectively move on. To be happy again. So where's your self love and how can you expect to exude anything other than bitterness and false pretenses? I guess what I'm really trying to get at is when seeing all this destruction and mayhem in your life and wondering why nothing is going right, when dis-aggregating, look for the first place you need healing. You have chaotic relationships, you and others just seem to always bump heads and you can't seem to understand why they act the way they do? Check your privilege. Not everyone has had the same recovery as you, even though you may never see it as a luxury.

get yo' healing on. and love yourself, even though that's milestones of easier said than done.

xxoo missusmonroe

P.S. I don't know if I've ever went into my spiels about wanting finger waves but it's a look I've always adored. When I cut my hair almost two years ago now, it literally grew too fast for me to do so! Everyone seems to love the shorter look better on me.. but it was literally the inspiration for this palette and this combo. It'll probably be the root to my future madness as well *continues to rub hands like birdman*