What's a Fourth?

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Ever taken pictures in some obscure place it doesn't even look like your city? Like, tell me this isn't in CA or a cool spot in Toronto or something alike. Ever had a photographer that was also bae so he just simply knows what works and because he's artsy-fartsy he not only knows your face well but also has an eye for location?

I realize not everyone has such blessings. Lol how bitchy am I being right now, seriously on a scale of 1-10...
There's this awesome vegan spot on Georgia Avenue I scoped out through my online rummaging and let me tell you it is nothing like I would have imagined it to be. The options were. endless. Actually endless, I was extremely overwhelmed. Cold sides, hot sides, vegan macaroni and cheese, vegan fried chicken sandwiches, hell vegan waffles if we'd made it in on time. All in all what I learned from the place: always order the cornbread and student discounts are always amazing.

Ankara top, American Apparel skirt, thrifted purse, eBay sandals
Apparently our adventure was the same day as the Afican American festival in Baltimore. I'd never been nor never heard of it til a random experience on the radio but I was very interested because I knew this guy would adore it. Joking about how stereotypical I would look if we did end up going reminded me of the upcoming 'holiday' Americans truly love for no apparent reason. Well, okay, white Americans is understandable but I don't see why Black Americans are so head over heels. As I reminisced on my childhood and upbringing, I realized I have never celebrated this so called independence day. My mother did attempt to do something alike to a cookout when I was damn near a graduate of high school but it was very half-assed and more so "I guess ask people and see who wants to come over?" rather than hey, let's deck out in this American flag joke and pretend we're one or something. So with that, I hope you all had a pleasant day lol. A fourth means absolutely nothing to me.. oh, I didn't have class! That was a good catch right???

Have you ever visited a proclaimed psychic? How'd that go exactly

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Amma Appiah said...

You're top is so cute! I love your whole outfit!