Up my Butt, Around the Corner

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What jobs have y'all found yourselves working? Well at my current summer situation, I clocked out at 12 AM after a shift I was ready to jump out a window from and pondered what I would do with my life for the next two-three hours. What was to come at the end of those hours? Well...

Boohoo top, eBay handmade skirt, eBay sandals, thrifted bag

see my other, some would argue better, half was supposed to arrive on campus by then and we would begin our crazy weekend adventure..by going to bed. Trust me, after my week, this was enough action I needed m'kay. 

So as these crazy days go, I of course had to push studying to those hours afloat in the air. Why? You guessed it (see crazy shift above). My third dosage of Econ has been a much more enjoyable experience than previous times but it still isn't the most pleasurable class to endure. Not to mention packing was supposed to be filling these hours but as I did a quick sweep of my room while pulling out my notes, that wasn't going to magically happen either. In fact, as it neared 2AM...3AM it pretty much struck me in the face I was having a total teenage-girl-about-to-go-on-a-first-date-slash-omg-i'm-going-to-junior-prom-moment moment: I didn't know what the fuck I was going to wear.

As you can see, I did figure something out, something I absolutely love by the way. I had done damage control on my situation, lolz, and chose the route I hardly ever ever travel. I wore an item I'd literally gotten a few days before. As, "you're doing too much" as it sounds, I like to work new stuff into my closet and not suddenly wear them all at once like an over-eager elementary student's first three days of the school year. I am not these kids people.

So I chose to wear this off the shoulder top and pair it with a past eBay find I still adore to this day, simply because I remembered I had it and with quick closet glances whilst studying, I caught light of the inner orange and knew it was a match made in heaven. Now there was another sparkling match, but I'll save that for another time. It was hard deciding if I wanted to wear this out to DC or to the festival we were attending the next day...because I mean how festival is this getup? Seriously. Unfortunately I did decide since the following day was to be a scorching one, I'd wear it as we meandered the nation's capital, catching too-good-to-be-true arcade deals, devouring our coveted black-owned vegan spot, finally getting a natural deodorant (this is important people) along with herbs to hopefully naturally ease my headaches (also black-owned), almost sticking laxative juice up my butt (apparently your stomach automatically eases itself once knowing this is about to occur as well)...and yes I did sweat the top out during all of the above. But incidentally not when we heard gun shots immediately following closing our hotel door...

Wild time doesn't even begin to describe it.

xxoo missusmonroe