2 inches too Short: Artscape 2016

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Part two of my random adventure with a not-so-random counterpart began the morning of July something or another. I just know it was Sunday. The plans for the day weren't set, as they never truly are; we just figured at some point in time we would find ourselves at Artscape...probably.

Now, my fella is an amazing artist so I was really pushing for this festival lol, I dunno I just wanted him to have fun being all fartsy and artsy, enjoying other people's work. As I got dressed to wear this getup I'd envisioned and packed a few times but never actually put on, I felt a weird feeling of walking into a church with a mini on. I absolutely was not having it with the 2 inches too much off the rim and my breasts actually looked like they were a bloating day away from falling out of the dungaree. It was a little self-conscious action going on, cause mind you I don't wear clothes or things perceived as "weird" or "too much" for attention; and I felt this was attention! Then as I closed the hotel door behind me I remembered exactly why I'd chose less is less..to scorch in. We set off late morning to find a good vegan breakfast joint but vegan places already are not particularly in abundance. So a strictly breakfast place was asking for a liiiittle much.

Of course I then remember we are in my hometown and I do absolutely adore Eggspectations (see a post hell of a while ago, seriously like you may as well archive it cause it aint clicks away, about my first experience there...and subsequently every experience thereafter) and yes I am fully aware it is not vegan but I was also aware it was exactly what I wanted. Long story short, we ordered mine ahead and were gunna eat at the eggless spot...then lost our gusto, aka got lazy, and veggie burgered and dined.

Honestly, we may have just been waiting it out a bit because we were too scared to enter the abyss, the heatwave that was the outdoors. I might be exaggerating but it was just too damn hot already. Remember when I sweat out my brand new top? Well today there was no top and I was not planning on sweating out my skin. Parking took some time to find but we were blessed with miracles because it wasn't awful. It was ablazing as we neared one of the entrances but we literally landed in the lap of a sis making the most amazing fresh fruit juices. They were amaaaazing, completely life-changing. 

The Artscape scene was pretty cool, I'm sure there were a lot more happenings earlier in the weekend, but it was still rowdy and definitely overcrowded. We witnessed a grandfather seductress with a wine better than Cardi B, bought drinks for 2 quarters, seriously I couldn't believe it either it was like the fucking '60s, and had our fair share of laughs at a nipple bearing hipster boy with malfunctioning odor. What fucking sucked was how they bunched the vendors together in the hottest part of the venue, where absolutely no one ventured, and that was that with their vendor deposit. Good thing I didn't force Leem enough to vend because I would've never heard the end of that. As we were rounding things up I delved into some homemade toffee ice-cream, cue drool, and all my savoring was not missed on his camera roll. I was actually forced, imagine that, to pose by my now personal photographer. Good shots is the understatement of the year.

Did you Artscape? (like how I verbed that. I know you do, it's fine.)

xxoo missusmonroe