Creeper x No Rihanna

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Gone are the days where these platformed shoes were reserved for emo kids and the fashion fiends who lacked a faint heart. Gone, gone, gone. PUMA, aka RiRi, opened the flood gates so it's therefore nearly synonymous with Sam Smith's "Superstars" *cue eyeroll*... I lied it can't possibly be that watered down. Nothing, nothing compares to those horrid shoes. Anyway let's move on cause I can literally rant about my hatred for those things for a very long time. These Creepers...are still a very interesting addition to my closet.

Thrifted everything (DIY shorts) gojane shoes

After about four years they have somewhat come back in style but not really, it's just Rihanna making them relevant once again. I've always loved the dimension they add to an outfit, especially the way I styled them this day, where your legs look like they are literally endless. Endless. This brings me back to Christmas '12 where all I wanted were Creepers. I just saw so much potential in the shoe..weird enough to say ~lol~ I just believed in them in a way. I was like these are gunna be it, they need to be in my closet. Well what actually happened was my mother just gave me the money for them instead of that lovely T.U.K. box being under our tree. I'm such a strange human being, it's very strange I can't really shell a lot of money on just one item of clothing or anything alike. It's not really something I frequently indulge in, even I see its ability to seamlessly transfer to different seasons and be worn multiple times and ways. I prefer to splurge on experiences, if I have the money in my hand I'll end up buying a cheap version and shape shift my money from there. It's a very different outcome when something is gifted to me obviously. Which is exactly what happened here.

I ended up using maybe a third of the money on some fakes and the rest is somewhere in this world lol. Much to my despair these shoes fell apart when I went on my London adventure and was literally walking everywhere, nothing super glue couldn't fix..still fixes and will more than likely continue to fix. These particular platformed babies may look good from afar but they are such a bitch to actually walk in. The mouth hardly bends is the real ordeal so I'm flatfooted literally walking flatfooted for hours. Other than that (hah) I do like them. I think that's why I don't wear them often; when I forget about the experience I'll wonder why I never wear them and end up nearly suffering yet again. To be honest I'm quite pleased how this outfit came together. It was something completely different at first, involving a turtle neck and PVC...needless to say it was a mess. I'd x'd out the turtleneck because it was far too warm for that and honestly, that element with the matching coat I was to wear really made the outfit. What happened was a plum mess with a skimpy looking skirt. So I just traded in the shine for some basics and viola! Gorilla glue and all.

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