the color purple

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I know for a fact, bloggers worldwide can relate to me on this, shoot regular picture-takers tryna stunt for ya life on the gram *insert* I luh da gram, I luh the gram *excerpt*. The awkwardness of taking pictures in absolutely random, non-secluded spots with many people walking past. Personally, I don't care about tons of people watching, I just hate being in the middle of people's walkway cause it's a serious pet peeve of mine. Now, imagine this when you are the only one taking your picture! It can just get weird, walking around with your tripod, taking pics on the sidewalk or something with cars passing and yelling things out of the window...not an ideal situation. So while this was happening to me yet again I discovered a magical spot on campus. A spot I've never seen photographed before, which makes sense because of its seclusion and I almost died and resurrected. Since moving to my new dorm, as in one and a half semesters ago, I haven't found such a space! Finally, all is well in life once again. I walked up with a moderate battery life then of course the devil struck, just flaunting his evil ways, and killed it as soon as I got into the flow. YOU KNOW when you take like 3 testers but then you suddenly begin to envision how you want the outcome to be, then attempt to emulate your thoughts, yup right then *capoot* dead. I did manage to work out some black girl magic and I must say, this is one of my favorite shoots yet.

This outfit was actually inspired by these here Zara shoes. Last year I spotted them when they went live and at first I just stared at them then scrolled by but as time went on, I kept thinking of these shoes. They reminded me of prepubescent days and I was kind of digging it. I added them to my cart after too many daydreams but we know that doesn't mean anything, especially with their price, it meant nothing at all. I then actually began styling them mentally and that's when I knew they clearly had to be mine. It was practically God slamming a truck in my face like, "hello, pay attention!" After a few more weeks and a very great sale, I finally bagged them. They ended up staying unworn for quite some time because these are not snow shoes, especially with the straps being suede, so I begrudgingly had to wait and wait and wait. Well, ladies and gentlemen, the wait is over! Even though it would've been nice to showcase them first, cause when I bought them they were no where else to be seen; it's alright other brands have hopped on the bandwagon, though not as cutely *cough* Aldo *cough*. I'm really getting into minimalism and I think sportswear is the definition of that style. This look completely revolves around the shoe and I just adore it. The purple is a nice touch as well, as always. In conclusion, to velcro or not to velcro?

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