Cultured: An (South) Indian Adventure

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Hey there! Welcome to Cultured! A segment of our blogging where we feature a different aspect of a new cultures/countries through their food, colors and customs!

I decided to start this off with India, since I'll be heading to Bangalore in T-3 hours! I'm focusing on south of India, because India is such a rich and cultural diverse place that 1 post wouldn't do it justice. Even southern india is so big, but I'll try!

Whenever, I'm setting off to my next adventure, I always look for 3 main things. Food, clothing/customs, and people! This is true whether I'm prepping for a trip to Boston or Bangkok.

A Thali is a dish made of a variety of different side assortments with rice, typically plated on a banana leaf.
(Side note: This banana leaf reminds me of my days in Ghana when I would get food after school with my cousins and brother from the local seller on a banana leaf)

Image Source (Cheeseweb)

"The Kerala houseboats, or Kettuvallam, are famous for their unique, traditional, thatched roof design.  Although the houseboats vary in shape and design, they all share the basket-like roof, giving them the nick-name, basket boats. The name Kettuvallam comes from the Malayalam language, where “kettu” means “to tie” and “vallam” means boat. Traditionally, the Kettuvallam were used to ship goods like rice and spices and could hold up to 30 tons. These days however, the houseboats almost exclusively ferry tourists from all over India and abroad, through the narrow waterways of the Kerala backwaters."
Kerala, India

Ulsoor Lake (Bangalore)

Busy street in Bangalore
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