Every time we show up / U-Street Shenanigans

3:15 PM missusmonroe 0 Comments

This past Friday was the day of reunions. I'd recently landed, Sade just got back from her trip and what better thing to do than to link up before the back-to-school breakdown? There's this hipster/college student cafe Sade heard of on U-street that's all about coffee, their cookies, and their "good looking" staff. I can say, their coffee was great and their cookies will blow your mind. Their staff on the other hand? Let's just say they're particularly friendly. We played our usual game of catch up in their beautiful yet bug infested ~and I'm not one to fear insects~ courtyard. As we were crossing the streets back to the station I caught sight of various colors on a wall, grabbed Sade, and we both giddily ran across a thankfully lackadaisical street to the playground where this beautiful mural was displayed because how could we not take pictures with it as a backdrop. When God throws beautiful things your way like that you simply cannot ignore them! Our day was then filled with shopping in the usual spots of The District, rushing back to College Park, and a dinner date with our beloved high school French teacher and confidant. It's safe to say it was a grand ol' day, as it always is with us two. (Coming to a city near you)

xxoo missusmonroe et Sade