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Hey babes!
I finally stole a moment from my crazy days to write. I don't have a laptop so it's going to be impossible to post any photos that aren't my iPod quality mirror pics, oh the horror

In any way, I'm having the best time overseas, as usual. Here I am typing away on the pod listening to Rihanna, with an open book and thoughts of my next but. If there's any style I adore, it's got to be the Brits. Particularly because any of them can literally put anything on and it makes you want to purchase. I've noticed over the years that everyone here is fashionable in their own way; it's like heaven. Key elements to their everyday looks are the volumnized half up half down, think a tame Amy Winehouse, "trainers" or sneakers whether they're hightops, converse, or vans, and makeup. Since I know we all watch beautybyjj I'm sure we're all aware, but briefly consider that as an everyday and you'll get a taste of this life. Clearly these aren't everything to their style, but just about everybody embodies these features. In fact it's strange, nobody curls their hair! All pin straight... I'm like the polar opposite from these creatures.

Haha, but I have come to the biggest challenge of my life this summer: office fashion. It's the hardest transition; not that I don't own classy pieces or anything as absurd but at my internship I have to be professional. Meaning I can't just throw on a crop, high jeans, and a plaid overlay. No hobo street-fashion! Thank the heavens for my fine taste in blazers. It's not hard, just time-consuming and it actually requires thought you must admit to submitting to. No blasé, oh I just threw this on its been in my closet forever knowing good and well you just purchased it last Tuesday. There are just too many "length rules", cringe, all unwritten. Plus I am frowned upon when I don't iron blasted things such as my skirts, imagine that, ironing!

Giggle all you want. Haha, but stick around this summer with ya gurl. I hear it's boiling in the states, she says basking in the wonderful Autumn of London.

xxoo missusmonroe