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High school... It's definitely had its ups and downs. Some people say that the best years you'll have are in high school; I hope that's a lie because the rest of my life is going to suck then. Haha, but honestly when I really think about it I've hated it more than I've liked it. Freshman year was just stupid, Sophomore year was a little challenging, Junior year was impossible, while Senior year was intolerable. Reflecting on this year, I'm so glad I had my friends by my side cause I really went through some anxiety and mild depression. I really didn't like the kids at my school and I thought the teachers didn't know what they were doing, in fact I still believe those things to some degree. However, I'm grateful for that mindset because I could've honestly gone astray. I could have found some people to "understand" me and got into some really bad shit, but thank God I didn't. I'm not saying high school is absolutely terrible, but it's certainly not as great as it's hyped up to be. I've come to realize that it's absolutely the people you surround yourself with and that can't be taken lightly. I've lost so many friendships over the years, really just these past two years, over obnoxious reasons. Don't befriend people who show you that they only care about themselves because they weren't lying or pretending, believe them when they show you the true them.

I'm leaving high school with one best friend and a couple of close friends. Of course I have other people I adore but they don't truly compare. I'm leaving high school with knowledge about business, entrepreneurship, research, and much more. I walked into high school pretty mature for my age, plus I am the youngest in my class, and I'm leaving bustling with maturity and experience. I'm so glad that I went through everything I did, all of the tears and struggles... I'm grateful. I could look back at my first day of senior year post and see how much things have changed. It's really amazing. I'm so glad SOAL has been up to document my senior year.

Graduating is probably the best feeling I've felt in a while. The ceremony was fun, full of laughs and nobody seemed to be worried about their futures. It was humid. Our ceremony was the last of the year. Our ceremony was also the latest of the night. Our pictures were crappy and I was sweating. But it was a night to remember. I'm so happy that my family and everybody who's been supporting me from the beginning was there to share the experience with me. To senior year, to high school, to many more funny, sad, and tear-filled memories. I don't want to be at the college I'm going to to be honest. I don't want to be in that city, I don't want to be on that campus... but I've always appreciated change and I have to accept what's coming. So finally, to college and the future.

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